I am writing at my computer rather than watch the USA Canada Gold Medal Hockey game that is on TV in the next room and happening in an arena about 5 blocks from where I am.  I have spent the last 2 weeks here in Vancouver, loving every minute of it.  It has been exciting and emotional.  The city is alive with Vancouverites and people from around the world.

I can’t watch the game.  Too much is at stake.  I want so much for Canadians to win and I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be on the ice.  The intensity is so interesting.  So many people are caught up in that wouldn’t normally watch hockey but two countries have some to their sets to watch. Who will win and who will win silver.  It is not such a bad game to be in because you are a winner just by being their.  Many times this week we have heard that as a condolence to those who missed the gold or a silver or a bronze by this ()much.

It is important to our counties and to the world to watch the Canadians and the Americans battle it out.  The best in the world have come to play .. not just hockey but ice and snow sports of all kinds.  How lucky are we to live in the land of ice and snow???  VERY.  how wonderful that we have conquered our environment rather than allow it to conquer us.  I love this country and its seasons and I am PROUD of what we have accomplished here in Vancouver.  But I can’t watch the game.

When it is over I will be attending the Closing Ceremonies. More emotion and greater pride as I watch my countries athletes enter the stadium to be recognized with the best in the world.  Canada has welcomed the world and it is very sad to say goodbye.