A dirth of opportunity to write in blogspace has brought me here.  I am writing again for the first time in this new year wondering to myself “where has the decade gone?’

A new decade … wow.  This is the sixth decade I have seen start.  Wierd.  Time flies.

Decades, like any fraction of time, seem long from the front and shorter from the back.  Perspectives change.  We grow and our world changes and looking back we wonder how we spent the time and how it could have slipped away from us like that. An hour, a day, a week … all present us with this shift of perspective.  Anticipation and hindsight are so very different.

Over this past decade I anticipated becoming a writer, a scholar, a grandmother, a wife, a Calgarian and I did.  I under estimated in my anticipation the work each of those roles would take and how much time and energy would be needed to accomplish all that I set out to do.  I know there are people who are better at that than me.  They know how to focus their time and energy and accomplish major feats, become well-known, building empires while maintaining work life balance.

I have been so lucky this past decade.  I had the good fortune to have the resources to balance my life.  I did almost everything part-time or at least full-time in spurts.  More the later as I wrote in spurts and taught in intense five-day sessions and assumed the responsibilities of family and friends when I was needed.  It has worked well for me and I have been able, with the support of others accomplish a lot.

What off the decade ahead?  What do I want to be when I grow up?  Last year I thought I wanted to work less and write more.  This year I think I want to continue the writing and finish what I have started but I also want to work more, be more connected with people in the world and less resistant to meeting new people and having new adventures.  I think I was tired of the travelling last year and needed a break and, as it turned out, my friends and family needed me.

Over this next decade I want to build an empire. I want to work hard at promoting our product and sell it to more and more people to use in their lives.  How do you have conversations?  How can we help you learn how to do conversations better?  I know we can and I know that we can make the world a better place  – one conversation at a time. 

The question that has haunted us over the last decade is how to bring the PULSE conversation to the market.  Each year we make attempts to build on what we have done the year before and over time, slowly we have gathered a following of appreciative clients and friends of PULSE.  It needs to go to the next level.  I am still unsure of the next steps.  I only know that intention is everything and if we set the intention to sell PULSE to the world then that is the best first step we can make.  Are you with me???