Do you make lists?  I do.  I make lists about everything and the most important lists are BIG and POSTED.  Sometimes it helps me get things done and other times it just serves to feed my guilt about not getting around to things.

Here is my list of things to write blogs about…

Ethnography of each BEACH

PULSE in Politics

Conversations that work

Conversations that change people’s mind – reference Howard Gardener

Conversations for Leaders – words create worlds

World Peace One Conversation at a Time. Views from Jordan, Ghana and Canada

Conversation Institutes powered by PULSE

42 a reprise

A Whole New PULSE Mind – reference Daniel Pink

Leadership from the nine perspectives ( 1-9)

The 360 Degree Conversation – where all 40 Degree segments are represented

The Six Freedoms from the perspectives (another full nine blog titles here)

I could go on … but that will be enough guilt for me to deal with for at least 12 months.  Let’s watch and see.  You can help me by prioritizing.  Which would you like to know more about now????

 I love to write and findit even more rewarding when I know there is someone there listening. 

You may notice that I started a second blog called “Dear Dr. Love”  which I started so that the questions I anser in emails might find a wider audience.  Send me your questions on mediation… or any other kind of conversation …  I will have a go.