Busy is a funny word.  It doesn’t look like it sounds and when you add ‘ness’ it becomes business which also is not pronounced the way you might predict if you were learning English as a second language. I have been busy lately. 

When someone asks me how I am or how things are going I often answer “busy” .  Sometimes I mean happy, healthy busy and sometimes I mean crazy, tired busy.  Either way it is like I am on a “bus” that keeps moving and doesn’t slow down or stop for any length of time for a person to catch their breath and regroup.

Most of the time I enjoy being busy… I seek “busyness”… and one of the things that keeps me busy is to see “business”.  I guess that might be the connection.  The business of being busy leads to more business.  This is really a stretch and I think I am going to need some help to make this mean something.

I must be tired, like the bicycle that couldn’t stand on its own because it was two tired.

Sunday I head to Richmond, Virginia to speak at the Virginia Mediation Network Conference.  I hope to see some of you there.  I think I may need some rest before then.  Goodnight.