Sometimes life gets in the way of plans.  That happens to me on a daily basis.  I plan to write in my journal and to finish the projects I have started.  I plan to meet with people who will enrich my life and who may give me the opportunit to enrich theirs.  I plan to spend time at the computer in deep thought generating the words and sentences and paragraphs that will become the chapters and the books that fill my head.

I have had these kind of plans since I got back from Hawaii in May.  Lots has happened since may but my head is still feeling as full as it was then and my notebooks have had little action.  First there was finding a place in Vancouver and then making the purchase and setting up house.  Then there was my Dad’s heart attack and the hours at the hospital.  Then there were the meetings with colleagues who might become clients and the new coach, who is wonderful and the redrafting of workbooks and the website and the …….  I am sure you know how it goes.

I also know that the life I am leading is helping me get to the writing in a more meaningful way.  I have also picked up a couple of books that are having an influence on my thinking and so now maybe the time is right or should I say write.

I am excited about this notion of mine to situate the Enneagram in Sociology rather than Psychology.  It makes sense to me.  I like my notion that perspectives rather than personalities provides more flexibility.  You can change your perspective more easily than you can change your personality.  There are nine perspectives on the world.  We hold them tightly and yet new information or critical situations can decouple us from that perspective and allow us to shift and change our minds about things.  It is a great idea with so many possibilities.

What I have written is the beginnings of the ethnography of each of the nine perspectives or BEACHs.  I am enjoying the creative opportunity to take what I know from years of living among the cultures I am describing and tell the story from each of the 40 Degree perspectives.  I hope you will enjoy the read.

Back to the drawing board – starting over – that’s how it feels each time I steal time to write.  It isn’t something that I can pick up where I left off and continue.  It is something I must start again each time and with each revision it improves.  I am waiting to see where it takes me.  The drawing board is a great place to be when you can be there everyday.  That is my plan.  Two or three hours a day with real progress and measured output … pages and pages of words and thoughts and paragraphs and chapters all heading for the press.

Thanks for your continued support….