Those who dwell on the Detachment BEACH are sometimes referred to as Masterful Hermits (Reynolds, 2007).  They have the influence of immigrants from the Power BEACH which usually shows up as a positive when Masterful Hermits take up a cause and move it forward.  They also have the influence of immigration from the Excitement BEACH usually, but not always as a negative when Masterful Hermits adopt addictive joy seeking behaviours and become chaotic and scattered in their thinking.

The residents of Detachment BEACH;

1. Believe that time spent alone in thought is time well spent

2. Expect others to give them space

3.  Assume that other people ought to be as brilliant as they are

4.  Concern themselves with finding solutions to complex problems

5. Hope to devote themselves to study and research rather than conversation


Masterful Hermits can be stingy with their words and their emotions.  They are the intraverted thinkers.