The concept of using what we know about the Enneagram and the sub-cultures identified on each of the 40 degrees of perspective to identify voters and voting patterns is a new challenge for me.  It is a twist on my new book where I identify nine cultures using an ethnographic structure to describe the cultures and subcultures of the nine BEACHs (sets of Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes)

1. Perfection BEACH

2. Connection BEACH

3. Success BEACH

4. Differentiation BEACH

5. Detachment BEACH

6. Security BEACH

7. Excitement BEACH

8. Power BEACH

9. Peace BEACH

The names of the beachs suggest what each will be seeking and wouldn’t it be fun to examine more closely how each might approach an issue.  Over the next while I will attempt to do just that.