I am home today but  in meetings .  Friday was like that and although I technically have time at home to write, life has been busy.  It is again funny how intention doesn’t match the act.

Tomorrow I will get back to writing about the BEACHs.  I am still jazzed about doing that.  I am having a difficult time imagining how things have become so busy again in such a short period of time.  I was talking to a PULSE Professional on Monday about how things are working  and what I am working on and his line rung true…. “Changing behaviour at the speed of conversation.”  That’s what we do.  Responding to what is said and done and experienced in conversation takes skill and practice.  The more we practice the better.

And some days that is easier to do than others.  I have found it difficult to approach conversations in a deliberate way partly because the conversations are changing the focus of my life and my work.  Time to focus again, to ground myself on the Detachment BEACH and become the contemplative me.  I just need to find the energy for the transition… More tomorrow.