As I work on the description of the culture of the Perfection BEACH, I am visiting a beach on the north shore of Kauai.  It is beautiful here … but not perfect.

I have been writing for a few hours already and wondering where to start on this next piece.  “Start with what you know” is the old adage …

What I know is that on Perfection BEACH people;

1. Believe that there is a right and a wrong way to do things and that they know the right way.

2. Expect that others will live up to the same high standards that they set for themselves.

3. Assume that goodness exists and that perfection is desirable and achievablefor everyone.

4. Are Concerned about the Rules and how to abide by them.

5. Hope for a perfect world where good triumphs over evil.


What I also know is that people on this BEACH are there for different reasons.  The social structure of the BEACH is interesting.  The Native Perfectioners are distinguishable by their continued efforts to correct any imperfections that they encounter.  Historically they came to be here when there interactions with the world lead them to see imperfection as bad and so they seek goodness.

The BEACH is largely inhabited by natives although the neighbours from Connection BEACH and from Peace BEACH can also be found here.  They are distinguishable by their accents or tendency to be seeking goodness through Peace or goodness through Connection or helping others.  Connection BEACH natives on the Perfection BEACH contribute to the culture with their kind, caring ways.  Peace dwellers visiting on Perfection BEACH are seeking the perfect way to create Peace.  They are more detached and laid back than the natives and have a broader perspective.

Other residents include the immigrants from Excitement BEACH who are more extroverted than the native Perfectioners and seem a little more anxious or fearful.  They are seeking goodness and perfection in an effort to complete the many tasks they have started.

Immigrants from Differentiation BEACH add a dimension of creativity to the Perfection BEACH, there own “je ne sais quoi”.

The social structure of the BEACH is only one aspect of the Ethnography.  It is a good place to start.  Watch for more information on the geographic aspects of the Perfection BEACH coming soon.