Today we all moved our lives forward, toward our goals and toward the end.  Today we loved, lived, laughed and left our legacy.  Today we are involved in our lives making choices even if that means choosing not to choose which of course is also a choice.  We have two days – today and tomorrow.  Today we do what we can to get ourselves ready for tomorrow.

And, as we have often been told, tomorrow never comes.  It is illusive.  We are anticpating tomorrow ever day, waiting to see what it will bring and how it will work out and in the meantime we waste the time we have today to get AROUND to doing what we want to do tomorrow.  Now is all we have.

So tomorrow I am going to Canmore to write.  I am excited and looking forward to the opportunity to spend time in quiet contemplation and creativity.  I feel a little like a kid in the candy store.  There is so much writing to choose from.  I have started so many projects that need my undivided attention for  a day or so.  How do I choose?

I could work on the PULSE BEACHS – the Frames of Reference that people  use in a conversation.  I have many thoughts on the BEACHs that I would like to share.  I would write about each of them in turn – Perfection, Connection, Success, Differentiation, Detachment, Security, Excitement, Power, Peace and what the world looks like from this perspective where people are motivated by these and are seeking to satisfy a need.  Not everyone is on the BEACH for the same reason and the weather can change depending on the strength of the motivation and  the purpose.  Deconstructing the BEACHs would be a labour of love and I will get around to it …. tomorrow.

I could write more about the complex PULSE, the foundational theory that makes PULSE work.  I am excited by the images of floating triangles and tetrahedron and sharing my insight on why conversations move through the Frame to sustainable resolution in such a consistent way.

I could write about Principals leading mandated change.  The stories of five principals is coming together nicely and needs a finishing touch and an edit to pull it all together.  It would be nice to get that one to press.

I could work on the leadership catalogue that we have been working on so that I will have it to take with me to DC next week.  It is an exciting project, pulse – ifying the delivery of awesome materials related to leadership from many sources.  The catalogue has nine categories of leadership skill developing seminars that will be available as one hour web-casts.

I could work on a white paper to show the use of the PULSE Frame for the regeneration of my favourite federal political party.  I would love to have the time to devote to an explanation of my BIG IDEA for bringing a party from the ashes to its former glory and beyond.

I could write about the skills that power the PULSE Frame.  I have always wanted to spend quality time explaining in more detail each of the twenty skills that PULSE Practitioners use to guide the conversation.  Examining the work of the delta during the PULSE conversation would give everyone more insight into how it all works.

I could do an in depth look at the six freedoms that the PULSE Frame is described and constructed to release for people.  I want to examine the freedom to choose from the past; to act in the present and to dream of a future together.  I want to understand how people experience being known in community, being heard and being positive and how the skills of the delta encourage the sense of freedom that liberates people to make better decisions together then they might apart  becuase they own them.

I could write about a PULSE Plan and how to arrive at it.  I could expound on each of the five pieces of the PULSE Frame.   I could do so many things and I know that I must choose.  There are just not enough hours in either today or tomorrow to get it all done.

Today we can only move one day closer to reaching the goals, forward toward the end, deliberately choosing to act and to dream, to be known and heard and to be positive.  Life is a PULSE Conversation.