So today I was working with Managers in a Government agency and it become clear again that knowing how to have a PULSE structured conversation is a core competency for those in positions of leadership. Too many people are expected to step into leadership without a clear understanding of what it takes to structure a leadership conversation.

In a couple of days, a familiarity with the theory of conversation and what contributes to its success, can serve to greatly improve the likelihood that leadership will be a positive experience for the new leaders and their followers.  I am always encouraged by the speed at which people “get” PULSE and how quickly they are able to put it into practice.

Leaders are smart.  They are in positions of authority because they know their business.  Sometimes they are not as aware of the ways in which their communication and conversation – the tools they use to do their work – can assist them and change difficult people into people who accept responsibility and are productive in the workplace. And sometimes they are not aware when enough is enough and people who are disrupting the workplace need to be managed differently – held to account for the decisions and choices they have made.

A simple understanding of the PULSE Frame can change conversations, relationships and productivity in the workplace.  Time invested in resolving troubling situations is well worth the effort.  The more we use language skills deliberately to support purposes and move people gently and honestly toward more productive conversations, the more we create collaborative environments filled with open and specific talk.

Being introduced to the PULSE Frame for conversations is often an eye opener or a reintroduction of concepts that have fallen off of radars.  Using the Frame to frame conversations with co-workers and reports can make leadership more manageable and definitely more positive for both.  It can be used to frame any conversation or communication.  It is a universal tool that managers welcome into their tool kit as they take on the challenges of leadership.