Today we shifted our language and our focus back to leadership.  You may notice that the website is more leader friendly.  I think it is a good move …  a Mindshift  TM as Mel would call it.  Mel and I have been working on a new leadership book and workshop.  I have been talking with associates in Washington about developing a more rounded set of courses aimed at leadership skills and issues using PULSE and our client at the Government of Alberta is also looking for courses on leadership.  Our web information was aimed at leaders all along but no where did it say the word leadership.  In times like this leadership – strong leaders with excellent skills – are essential.  PULSE helps leaders do their work through effective conversations.

I am working on a paper for a women’s conference in Nigeria on leadership for women and a speech on Women and business leadership for the Business Professional Women’s Chapter of Calgary.  I realize that PULSE is a leader and that I am also a leader in many ways.  What can I say to encourage and motivate other women to be leaders? For years I have been saying “Stay the Course”.  Leaders are people who set sails for new horizons and staying the course.  Leaders are also followers.  Leaders are courageous and curious.  Leaders are skilled conversationalists who can structure conversations so that everyone’s needs are met.  Leaders are confident.  Leaders are detached but not disinterested.  They are emotionally mature and loyal to the organization, the individuals within it and the processes of leadership.  Leaders are trustworthy and trusting and they are aware of all that is going on around them.

The Conversation is the thing in leadership and aspiring leaders can learn to use effective conversation skills.  They can learn to shift their focus so that they see things through the eyes of a leader,  someone with responsibility who experiences what their followers do vicariously.  Leadership is vicarious responsibility and any parent can tell you about the experience of vicarious responsibility and how we learn about and influence the lives of others.

Every conversation has a leader and every conversation leader has potential to take on more responsibility and a leadership role.

Building leadership capacity in each individual and in all organizations is what is called for now.  Step up.  Take responsibility.  Be a leader – what ever that means to you.  And let me know.  What is leadership?