Welcome.  I am happy you could join me.

You will notice that I have added a new page entitled ” 2009 – The Year of Patience”.   I think I am finally beginning to understand how to use the blog for more than just writing thoughts.  I can actually use it to organize thoughts while I share them.  That is my intention this year.  You may see me add pages with topics that may or may not be of interest.  Travel will have its own page.  I hope I can figure out how to move the Italy segment and the Cross Atlantic entries to that page.  This year will not involve as much travelling.  I am looking forward to staying in Alberta to do some writing. Watch the 2009 page for how that is going.

I have posted an updated bio and picture under “About Dr. Love” and I have switched the theme of the blog to one called “Freshy”.  I like the name and the rainbow. I hope you do too. 

Keep in ntouch … it can be lonely in blog space ….