It is interesting to consider the bodies reaction to travel.  For the most part we adjust to where we are and yet there is a piece of us the longs for the familiarity of home.  This is my fourth week “on the road”.  I am ready to be home and I am looking forward to Saturday and the arrival, not the travel.  It is a 16 hour journey.  That will be a long day of sitting and waiting to sit some more.

All of the good intentions to get some writing done on this trip did not result in the volumes that I had hoped.  I am disappointed by that.  I have however had a wonderful time, travelling with Jim, experiencing new and exciting places with good friends and working with the lovely people from UVI, the BVI and the USVI.  I feel rested and recommitted to the work at hand.

Head, Heart and Body – an integrated conversation.  So many articles … so little time.

At home the Christmas busy – ness with family and friends will have my attention for the next week or so.  It seems that January will offer the first opportunity to get serious about the work again.  How time flies …. and so must I if I am to be on time for class this morning.

Missing all of you ….