Last night we attended the variety show on board ship. It was a salut to broadway and was actually quite good. A couple of nights ago there was a comedian, Fred Klett. He was extremely funny. I thought my sides would split. It was one of those … you had to be there … experiences that will stay with me for a long time. He did a bit about growing up in a large family and bed time with 7 kids in the room. And another about his brothers 5 of them one after another jumping out of the second story window after seeing Mary Poppins. His father asked each of them why they had jumped after the first atttempt didn’t work. “We thought he didn’t do it right!!” The last one jumped without the umbrella. His father asked him why. “Well it didn’t help them” he answered.

It is funny how as humans we don’t learn from other’s mistakes. I find too that it is difficult to fully describe an experience so that others can enjoy it vicariously. I just talked to mum and dad and it was great to hear her tease me about the acupunture and the wrap therapy. They were surprised to hear from us out here in the ocean and wondered where the picutres were. You may be wondering too. The connection is so slow that I am afraid to even try from here. Saturday when we get to the hotel in San Juan I will make another attempt. We have great picutres to share. I will embed them into the story so far so you can get the visual.

One of my favourites will be the picture Jim took this morning at 4 am. I woke up early. The clocks had changed again and it was bright out so I got up to check on the time. 4am… full moon with light bouncing off of the water. It was eery and beautiful. I am so glad I didn’t sleep through that.

It is time to get gussied up for dinner. We are going to a special restaurant to celebrate Bill and Lynda’s Anniversary. Dressing for dinner has been fun. Gotta go relax some more!! Talk to you again soon. Tomorrow the beach at St Martin.