I must apologize for the lack of regular communication. It is not as easy to access internet and upload pictures here as it will be in St Thomaas.
It is our fourth full day at sea. it si amazkingly beautiful and calm and BUSY. We are alwasy eating or drinking or sitting in the sun. Yesterday morning there was a beautiful rainbow off of our veranda that hung there above the water for about an hour!! Yesterday we passed the half way mark between Las Palmas and ST Maarten.
Our fellow travellers have been making presentations on what they know for sure. We have two 90 minute sessions each day. Hans explained his six styles of mediation. I did a quick PULSE check. Dan did an existential look at truth, goodness and beauty. Today Lynda and Marjorie take the floor to talk about group interaction and intercultural differences in mediation respectively. I am enjoying the talks as I am enjoying the wine tasting. Yesterday we bought reidel wine glasses after having tasted four wines in a tasting that moved the wines from glass to glass for comparison. It was great. We are skipping the wine tasting today to get some sun time. That is not something I have had enough of yet. Maybe in St. Thomas.

I hope everyone had fun at Yvonnes last night. I missed you, although we did have a Tuesday toast with Cakebread…. I thought about calling … Jim’s phone rang yesterday while we were on deck. It was his dentist’s office reminding him of his appointment next week. We are still in touch no matter where we are….