It was cold on day three.  We were chilled to the bone on a tour bus with an open roof for two hours.  We saw the city, especially the Olympic Venues from 1992 and the World Expo sites from 1929.  It is a beautiful City with outrageous architecture.  It is busy and alive and the restaurants have all been wonderful.  People speaking every language in the world pass by you on the street.


We attended an Opera/Flamingo Dancing performance.  The dancers and the singers and the musicians were so talented and it was easy to follow the story.  It is part of Catalonia culture.  Here in Cataloniathe “turn off your cell phone” announcement was made first in Catalonia, then in English and THEN in Spanish.  They really have a separatist attitude here.  The shoe store guy told me that it was like Quebec in Canada.  They have their own language and culture and dancing “Everything except our independence”  he told me.


A late night drink and dinner and some awake time with jet lag and today is raining … the day we board the ship.  More to follow ….  If you were here you might be saying “Bon Voyage ..”