We had a great day.  We met at 11 and took the metro to the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.  It is the most amazing and ugliest church I have ever seen.  It is not finished although people have been working on it for over 100 years.  It was worth the ride just to experience its affect on people.


Then we went to an espadrille shop where Lynda and Susan bought the same pair of multi-coloured sandals with ribbons that tie up around the ankle.  Then we found our way back to have lunch with the others at a corner restaurant near by with probably the best example of single tasking I have ever seen.  The waiter could not pick up glasses and take an order at the same time.  He literally did one thing at a time.  The beer and the sandwich were good once we got them.


We strolled back to the Rambla and down to the harbor where we boarded a boat to do a harbour cruise.  On the way we were intrigued by a man playing a shell game for money.  Lynda was picking the right box every time.  It seemed that as soon as she got interested people moved in around her.  John and I were watchin gfrom a few yards away and could see the crowd assembling and John went in to take Lynda’s purse from her before someone else did.  It was very interesting and a little scary, a reminder of how aware you have to be at all times.

Aboard the harbour cruise there was no discernible commentary.  We floated through the docks and along the shore of the city in 10 foot swells.  Especially out past the breakwater, the seas were wild.  I was amazingly not sea sick.  The Cava was the saving grace although there were only 3 chilled glasses and five of us.  Refills were available. It made me realize again how important the question is.  There are only 3 cava’s means there are only 3 glasses to serve cava in….  who knew if you didn’t ask.


After the harbour tour, such as it was, we went back to the hotel and looked at pictures in our room until it was time to meet everyone again for dinner.  I called the concierge who suggested a tapas place within a short walk … if you followed his directions ….  We made a wrong turn and had to ask for further directions which took us back to the square that we had left 10 minutes before and up the correct street to the restaurant which was excellent.


Today is US Thanksgiving.  Dan picked up the tab.  We had a great meal with tapas for 8.  It was tasty and filling and there was wonderful atmosphere.  It was a perfect evening.  It was raining when we left to walk back to our hotel … a shorter walk than the one there. Tomorrow we hope to do a bus tour of the city.  Today I learned that we are a good group.  Every one is getting along.  That’s good.  We have fourteen days at sea to spend together.



As we watch CNN we see the attacks in India.


Tomorrow a bus tour of the city more shocking architecture. Be safe.