Hello everyone.  Welcome back to the world travel report…..


The flight from Calgary to Frankfurt was long and because it was a different time of day it was almost impossible to sleep.  Frankfurt to Barcelona is only one and a half hours and I have to say that I don’t remember much of it at all.  Once we got to our beautiful hotel, Le Meridian, on La Rambla, we took a nap.  I tried to shower but the drain was clogged and I flooded the place.  Then we went out with our friends to ramble on La Rambla towards the harbour and the cruise ship dock which is really walking distance.


It is quite lovely with the large boulevard and merchants and buskers all along the way.  We picked up a pamphlet for a Spanish guitar concert tonight at the Basilica which I think we will try to attend.   It is at the same time that we are supposed to meet our KC friends and Marjorie but we have sent messages for them to come early so that we can all go to hear the music.


It is surprisingly cold here.  It is the kind of cold that penetrates.  I will add a layer or two tonight before we go out again.  I had also forgotten that in Europe the restaurants close between 4 and 7:30.  No civilized people eat at that time of day.  We had some difficulty finding a place to have tapas and beer.  Perseverance paid off and at a delightful place, the waiter ordered for us and we had a nice light snack.


Now we are back at the hotel room.  It is 10:30 am there and 6:30 pm here. And we have had some interrupted sleep over the past 36 hours.  I find my self fighting to stay awake so that we can sleep for 8 hours tonight and make the adjustment.  I am very curious about the Atlantic Crossing and how our bodies will adjust to a less traumatic movement through the zones.