Some days it is difficult to think of anything that others might want to read.  I like to write ABOUT something.  Share an opinion or an event but for the last week I haven’t had much interesting to think about or to say.  The Wayne Dyer stuff is kind of interesting but It hasn’t grabbed my attention the way I had hoped.  I just seem to be waiting for the next adventure.

Tuesday we leave for Barcelona and I have promised my Tuesday night friends that I will blog while I am away and especially while we are crossing the Atlantic to Puerto Rico.  I have already packed my clothes and my toiletries and only have my computer and printer to throw in along with some well chosen reading.  The plan is to work at least a little on board … to put together the next PULSE book.

I feel excited and ambivalent about the trip.  Seeing new places is always exciting, and spending time at sea will be as well.  I like the thought.  Metaphors abound.  I am sure we will have fun as the sea adventure mingles with the writing of the POWER of PULSE book.

So I have prepared for the trip.  I have uncovered what I hope to resolve and now it is the learning from the experience of the trip that I anticipate.  After ward I will search for possible ways to put the learning to work and explain a plan for meeting the criteria that I identify on the journey.  While I am travelling I hope to have a pleasant mixture of exciting experiences and rest; work and play; accomplishment and leisure.  I hope to experience what Dyer calls “Living creatively”.

“Some people structure conversations naturally”  That’s what my friend Laurie said at coffee today.  I don’t think that is true.  I think everyone learns the structure of good communication somewhere.  Applying it to conversation may not be as deliberate but somewher  along the way they have internalized the structure of an essay of a research report or the writing of a speech.  What do you think?