Moving forward often means to wait in place for the next opening.  In the traffic scenario we know this and respond accordingly waiting until it is safe and appropriate for us to move into the flow of traffic that will take us where we want to go.  Racing or waiting too long can disrupt the flow and cause accidents.

So it is with other aspects of our lives.  Some time you just have to wait for the opening.  Waiting is good.  It allows us to gain perspective and to assess the situation so that we can time our entrance or action for a safe and appropriate forray.  I like to wait and to assess.  I aslo like to be sure before I move forward.  Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry and things go too quickly and I feel as if I am losing control.

This has been a waiting week.  As I waited the world aligned to allow me to accomplish those tasks I had set out to do before the trip.  It is always amazing to me how intention and waiting work together to accompllish so much.  I learn again the power of intention and the power of waiting.  Timing is everything.  Set the time and allow life to unfold.

Today’s verse that I read from Wayne Dyer and  Lao-tzu was about patience and understanding and how the two go hand in hand.  Learn from everyone and every experience.  Some times the lesson is only that you learn to wait.