Today I am reading Wayne Dyer. ” Change Your Thoughts – Change your Life”  I have been reading Wayne Dyer since the 70s.  Today he is exploring the “Great Way”, the Tao Te Ching of Lao -tzu.  There are 81 verses in “the Great Way”.  I am intent on reading one verse per day until I am done.  I find it interesting that there are 81 which is 9*9.  I have enjoyed the first three verses; The Mystery, The Paradoxical Unity and Contentment. 

The Mystery … be curious about things.  Experience non-judgement and mystery. 

The Paradoxical Unity … states are defined by the  knowing of the opposite.  Accepting or allowing both at the same time is the paradox of unity.

Contentment … just notice the Tao.  What does the integrated self tell you about your desires?  Move from desire to allow the reward to be the path, the journey.

Of course those are my interpretations which I accept witll be different for you.  It is interesting and comforting to read about and from the ancients.  Comforting to me to thing that people of other times had it all figured out before we got here.  That simplifies things for me and allows me to accept the ’42’ answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.  That answer that came from the imagination, the thoughts, of Douglass Adams and it works for me.

Life is good. Integrated thinking, sensing, feeling is good.  It has been, is and will be good.