Hello world….  Today is a new day.  Obama is president elect of the US and the ‘us’ is back in the US.  The hope of the nation and the world seems to be wrapped up in the man and yet we all know that it was the voters who made their own dreams come true.  They had the courage to support someone that they felt would support them back.

I hear a predominant message about a black man in the White House.  Barak Obama is more than that.  He represents the world.  Mixed and inclusive in all aspects and a small ‘L’ liberal champion for the US and the world.  “Hope lives as long as their is breath.”  Everything is possible if you engage the people in conversation.  Obama was masterful and the engagement piece.  Everyone is celebrating with him not for him because they were a part of the conversation, involved through Internet and other messaging at a personal level.

Barak Obama and his team have mastered the engagement piece and have given the world evidence of what can happen when you talk WITH people reather than TO them.  A brilliant campaign run by a brilliant and caring leader.  Congratulations.

Our Canadian people will learn the lesson and adapt the approach to match the Canadian need.  Around the world the message will be interpreted in at least 9 ways.  Hope = personal control… Hope = inclusion and contribution… Hope = achievement and success … Hope = creativity and differentiation … Hope = analysis and thought provoking opportunities… Hope = loyalty and security and predictability… Hope = excitement and variety and possibility…Hope = furthering the cause, taking control… Hope = peace and harmony in the world.  Hope lives on…..

And the conversation continues …..