How much peace do you feel?  How much pressure do you feel on you?  Peace and pressure. chicken and egg …..  Can you know peace without knowing pressure???  Peace is a sensation for me, more than a feeling.  It is a state of complete contentment, when you know that things are right in the world.  I often feel peace and I am constantly seeking that feeling of peace.  Peace, like the others is a choice.

Pressure … I guess the best way to understand my relationship with pressure is to use an example.  Deadlines create pressure for me.  I often miss deadlines and then work very hard after the deadline to complete things.  It is weird but the pressure presented by the deadline shuts me down.  Once it is past then I can actually get to work and get it done.  So pressure often freezes me. I get stuck.  How much pressure is there in my life depends on me right now.  I consider myself very fortunate to be running my own business and although I answer to clients and there is pressure to provide the best possible product, the standards that I set for myself often are higher than any they may have.

What does pressure mean to you?  How can you use the pressure in your life to motivate rather than freeze?  That is a question I ask myself.  I set artificial deadlines to fool myself into getting things ready on time.  I am a procrastinator, and pressure is not my friend.  I create my own pressure and my own peace.  I am as satisfied as I want to be.  Each day brings new opportunities for peace and pressure.  Choose both.  Learn to manage both.

PULSE is about peace and pressure.  The path through, Prepare, Uncover, Learn, Search and Explain is the path from pressure or lack of peace to peace.