Life Scale pair number 4… Power and poverty.  How much power do I feel I have in my life?  It depends … Today is a good day and I feel powerful becuase I was able to accomplish alot.  I often measure my personal power by how much time I spent on things that fall in to the ‘important to me’ category.  If I have found time in my day to have a hot tub and write in my personal journal then I do feel powerful and in control.  If I can influence some one or some event in a small way then I feel power – full.  Today and most days I score 18/20 on power.  Some days I only score 10.  Those are usually the days when I have decided not to exert put to empower others.

How much poverty do I feel is in my life. Really … none.  I am rich with freinds and family and experiences and stuff.  I reject poverty for myself and encourage others to do the same. The word poverty is powerful and not at all personal to me.  Poverty is something a country wages war against.  Poverty is lack.  When you look for what’s missing you get more of it.  Reframing a lack to a criteria for resolution and a better, brigther future is what PULSE is all about.  PULSE takes people from poverty to power with a simple reframe of the past, the present and the future.

The appreciative stance in PULSE rejects poverty and seeks power.  Everyone in a PULSE conversation is held capable.  It is an exercise in capacity building and in showing people where they are powerful and not poor.  My poverty score is low, even when my power score is low.  I am full of hope and encouraged by all that I see in the world.  I am enriched by each day and each experience.  I am also aware that not everyone is and that the weight of conflict and despair can lead some to experience a sense of poverty.

I would like to declare a war … on poverty … the personal sense of.