As you may have noticed we are travelling along the Life Scale that Warren Redman uses in hisbook Emotionsl Fitness.  Warren and I have been working together on a plot to overtake the coaching world.  more about that later.  For now I would like to explore the PULSE perspective on the next tow pairs of words on the Life Scale… Place and Prejudice.

How much do I feel like I am in the right place?  Reading this question a couple of weeks ago moved me to action.  Since then I have reorganized and decorated many rooms in my house.  I have begun again to take charge and control over my immediate environment.  I travel a lot as most of you know so home had become where I come to repack my suitcase.  Over these two weeks I have been leaving my mark and paying attention to my home, my PLACE.

I am confident that that is not the only thing that Warren is asking about.  My physical PLACE is just that … a physical place.  For me it needs to be functional and comfortable and beautiful.  Am I also in the right Emotional PLACE?  The question also motivates toward seeking a more functional, comfortable and beautiful place emotionally and intellectually.  Head, heart, body – in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  Affecting one, affects all.  There is an integration that occurs when you least expect it.  Having sorted my PLACE I do feel confident that I am in the right place, on I have created for myself.

Prejudices – hmmmm.  How much prejudice do I feel against me?  That question brings up STUFF for me.  I also see the opportunity to use my sense of place to overcome my experience of prejudice.  i don’t want to dwell in it.  I want to change it.  Prejudice can motivate or deflate.  Just reading the word shifted my state from feeling great about my place to feeling more uncertain and less confident.  I choose to set that aside and go with my strengths and the things I can control.  Moving from my right PLACE to my next right PLACE with PULSE.