ON Warren Redman’s Life Scale.  Purpose and problems are the presented as the ying an dyang or positive and negative sides of the same coin.  It is an interesting problem… or purpose… to distinquish the two and then pair them for consideration.

On a scale of 0-20 what is your purpose score?  How purposeful are you?  How much does a sense of purpose figure in your life and its decisions?  For me I would set my score at 18 or 19.  What that means is that at the moment I am full of purpose.  I am working toward something.  I am building a business that I hope will out live me.

ON a scale of 0-20 what is your problem score?  How riddled with problems is your life and how much of your life is spent on dealing with problems?  For me I would set my score at 18-19.  What that means to me is that I spend a lot of time dealing with the problems, the things that are in the way between me and my purpose.  I don’t feel that that is a bad thing though.  If I wasn’t dealing with the problems I wouldn’t be moving toward my purpose.

So you need both in your life.  No purpose leads to no problems and no problems can result from an unclear purpose.  That’s the negative side of this equation.  Positively speaking is you have a high sense of purpose then you may not consider the challenges that stand between you and the goal as problems put as opportunities to move a step closer.  It comes down to perspective and semantics.

Purpose is good.  It motivates.  Problems also motivate.   WOW … Looks like my rose coloured glasses are working well this morning.  Happy day.  Live with purpose and love your problems.  They are a sign that you are on the right road.

What do purpose and problems mean to you?  What are your scores?