In this world where words create worlds and define our lives, it is interesting to consider the idea of pleasure.  What does it mean?  Where do you get pleasure?  What ‘turns you on’ as we used to say in the 70’s.  Pleasure, like most states, can be described nine different ways.  Pleasure for me is the excitement of seeing new sites or doing new things.  I also get pleasure from rearranging my house or my book collection so I can experience it differently.  I get energy and pleasure from new perspectives.

Other people on different PULSE BEACHs experience pleasure as something different… a clear decision, a caring smile, a pat on the back, a creative moment, a moment alone, a safe place, a new experience, a chance to lead or a peaceful conversation.  So there are nine possible ways to define or consider pleasure.  There are three categories; heart pleasure, body pleasure and head pleasure.

As human beings we experience physical, emotional and mental pleasure and pain.  The other side of pleasure is pain.  What does pain mean to you?  Again there are nine possibilities.  For me pain is often found in sameness or routine.  That would describe what would cause my mental pain.  Physical pain in the body is also something I experience from time to time but if you would ask me to say what causes me pain I would be more inclined to describe the mental situation because I live on a “head” BEACH.  I also experience emotional pain and yet for me it does not draw my attention whereas for others it may.

Pain and pleasure are individual.  Each of us describes them for our selves.  Where we get caught is when we assume that everyone feels the way we do, or is motivated by the same definitions of pain and pleasure.