Just talking with one of our potential PULSE Professionals who is interested in and working with Emotional Intellegence.  It is a great idea and works well to explain how and why people decide to do what they do.  It is also the piece that explains how PULSE practitionners will notice a shift in the conversation and people change BEACHs.  People come into a PULSE conversation at one level of emotional maturity or intellegence and leave at another level.  If there is anything that is transformational about the PULSE conversation it is that.  Emotional Intellegence is a factor in these types of conversations and the fact of participating in one allows participants to change their own world view and improve their ability to deal with OTHER situations as well, thus improving their emotioanl intellegence.


Emotional Intellegence is a measure.  Emotional Fitness, a la Warren Redman, is a program that expects people to exercise their emotional muscles in order to improve performance.  How do you improve your emotional fitness?  By listening.  Listening is the key to improving your ability to relate to others and yourself.  Does emotional fitness lead to improved emotional intellegence?  Well, the least we can say is that it leads to a more emotionally mature state.  Emotional maturity is what PULSE practitionners strive for … that state of balance and impartiality that is vital to leading a PULSE conversation.

Now … the other piece of this puzzle relates to somatic intellegence, the intellegence of the body.  I have been reading a book called “The Body has a Mind of its Own”.  It is helping me connect the body intellegence with the emotional intellegence and the intellegence of the mind.  Somatic senses are the flesh bound senses that help us make sense of our world.  It is a great read by Blakeslee and Blakeslee and on the front of the cover is a quote from  – Daniel Goleman – the Emotional Intellegence guru whose most recent volumn is called Social Intellegence.

PULSE is a path to Social Intellegence, one that integrates head, heart and body intellegence, and acknowledges each as a piece of the puzzle.  I know that when Oprah reads the book she will understand the significance of this discovery and that many others will become aware of the path to integrated intellegence presented by PULSE.

Have you written to Oprah yet to encourage her to read PULSE Conversations for Change?