I have been thinking about blogs and writing and how important it is to me and to many people who release, relax and relate to their world through writing.  It is the creative  “in the zone” feeling you get when things are going well that brings you back to the writing.  It is the hard work of organizing thoughts and topics, arguments and ideas into coherent strings of meaning that keeps you away.  Sometime it just seems like too much work to organizae thoughts in a way that would mean something to someone else.  Better just to keep them to yourself.

Maybe … maybe not. Sometimes keeping things to yourself menas that no one understands your thoughts, not even you.  Taking the time to be with and separate your ideas into words and sentences, organizes then in a way that is helpful for others and is essential for you.  How else would you begin to build confidence and trust in yourself as a thinker, a knower, a doer, a feeler … as a human.

Words create worlds.  By giving words and voice to your thoughts you build understanding and you build the frame for the future.  How do you describe what has happened to you in the past?  How do you understand what is happening now?  How do you predict the future?  Your stance or perch will determine your choice of vocabulary with which you build your world.  Positive stance = positive words = positive world.

It seems like a simply formula. “Control your thoughts” is an old Chinese proverb which goes on to say “thoughts become ideas, ideas become words, words become actions, actions become habits and habits are hard to break so control your thoughts”.  It seems a little counterintuitive to encourage creativity through control.  Any artist will tell you about the need for discipline in order to achieve greatness.  So create with control.  All things in balance.  Control your thoughts.