Remember when you first saw that 1970’s poster?  It had a profound effect on me.  I was youngish and hadn’t quite come to the realization that I was in fact vincible, that life would at some point end.  I had limited time and I should use it wisely.  That’s what I learned from the poster.  Each day since has meant a lot to me.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I have a day when I don’t contribute in some way to others and the world.

This week I was working with a great group of people.  It was an advanced program so everyone was familiar with me and PULSE.  It was so much fun just to play with the concepts and watch as the light bulbs lite.  It is satisfying to me to think that people go away from the courses we teach with a new appreciation for appreciation and that they spread that into their own worlds.

This week I have also been distracted by a number of issues that seem to weigh alot.  It always demonstrates the need for balance when you can contrast what uplifts you and makes you feel better with what weighs on your mind.  For me both are always about helping people.  If I can’t help, or if helping others provides such a burden to me that I can’t sustain my own balance, I become confused and reflective, pensive and withdrawn and I truly don’t know what to do.

When I know what should happen and have no power to wield my “should ” wand to make everyone see things my way, I get moody and defensive, and begin to wonder why everyone doesn’t know what I am thinking.  I am screaming in my head so they MUST be able to hear it.  And yet I can’t find the gentle, honest, open, specific talk, the words that I need to MAKE them understand the errors of their ways.  Sound familiar????

When what I do helps others I feel good.  I feel as if this day, the first day of the rest of my life, has value and adds meaning to life, the universe and everything. “Say what you need to say” and move on.  Change the world through conversations and appreciate the value in the difficult conversations.  Mutually agreeable, balanced outcome.  Give and take in balance is the key.