Renewing an interest or a friendship is always a bit of a dance.  How much of the past do you bring and how much do you leave behind?  The same can be said for renewing yourself.  RENEW is another of my favourite acronyms or acrostics. ( I am never really sure which is word made from the first letters of a meaningful string of words and which is a shorter title for something more complex)  Anyway – RENEW – Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, Energy and Water – things you need everyday to renew yourself.

It was interesting to watch Marjorie come back after a week in KC doing an intensive Level 2 program and then come down with a cold in the two days she had in the office to catch her breath before training 3 more days with the practice course here in Calgary.  She was trying to get out a Newsletter and do a million other things and I knew exactly how she felt.  That scattered, confused , overwhemedness that follows travel and intense training with the added anticipation of more training to do is at once invigorating and exhausting.  I recognize that state.

I am grateful that more of the travel and intensity is shifting away from me to others giving me a chance to have a new perspective on PULSE and its future.  What to do with PULSE?   How to get it out to the world?  How to make a difference with PULSE?  I am feeling uncertain today.  A few days ago I was writing Oprah and asking her to read my book and see what she thought.  What else can I do to get the message out there?  Email works for me when I have been encouraged to call and speak to people.  To confess, I don’t like talking on the phone.  I avoid it as much as possible. A thoughtful note or a meeting face to face are my preferred means of contacting people.  I get Energy from those kind of encounters where the phone takes energy from me.

So as I RENEW my perspective on PULSE I look for ways to create the Energy it will take to move this forward, to push the wave.  Rest will reinvigorate. Exercise will restore stamina. Nutrition for the body will improve health and vitality. Energy will come from reading and interacting with others.  Water, at least 5 glasses a day, to hydrate and cleanse on the inside and a nice soak in the hot tub everyday will be good for the soul.  RENEW the head, heart and body of the individuals and of the organization that is PULSE.  What you pay attention to improves.  We are paying attention with an aim to improve the visibility of PULSE – World Peace One Conversation at a Time.