I am happy to be in Canmore.  The new slogan, coined by Carol, is “Write more in Canmore”.  I am anticipating a great swell in my activity as a writer. I am aware again of the responsibility that the lable ‘writer’ or ‘author’ carries with it and often times I avoid the lable for fear that peole will think that I can actually write.  It seems arrogant to me to assume that putting words on paper is writing.  There is so much more to it and any one who has done it knows how exacting and unforgiving a process it is.  This week I met two authors at different venues and we shared our stories.  I couldn’t help but feel as if I were an imposter … and yet …. maybe I am becoming a writer.

I am in the Prepare stage.  I am preparing to write.  My purpose is clear… Three smallish books and 8 or 10 articles in the next 12 months.  The subject matter will be PULSE related afer all this is the PULSE Institute where we study People Using Language Skills Effectively.  My list includes applications for PULSE, arguments for the use of PULSE and something more about how the PULSE BEACHs, although informed by the study of the Enneagram, are different from the Enneagram.  Articles that will become chapters on topics like strategic planning and PULSE as a tool for learning English as a Second Language.

My process is to Prepare for the writing by setting up my place in Canmore with everything I need to work undisturbed; to Uncover what is known about each of my topics; to Learn why they are significant to me and to you the reader and to Search possibilities for their application or audience and then to write and write and write as I cycle throught he PULSE Frame over and over as each article and chapter emerges from this internal PULSE conversation.

My protocol will be to remain gentle with myself and others through out the process, to be honest and self critical when I need to be, to be open to the suggestions and thoughts that occur or are shared with my by others, to be specific and use examples for clarity and to keep on talking (writing) until an agreeable, sustainable product has emerged.

I will set up a calendar so that I can have periods of confidential time, where there will only be me and my thoughts. I base my ‘author’ity on this last year of working with PULSE Conversations for Change and seeing how there is so much more to say then I was able to cram into that little volume and on the fact of the postive reviews of that first attempt. My role is to stay focused on the product and the process, learning from last time how and what to do.  Over the next fifteen months my first PULSE priority will be the generation of new products, the promotion of new products and the care and feeding of clients from previous years, practitioners and professionals.

Your role will be to enage with other PULSE professionals to learn the basics and keep you skills honed, to contribute to this endeavor with your thoughts and comments and to stay tuned for the exciting new books and articles that will emerge.  Thanks for your support.