Fun with words … themeless like seamless only different!!!

Today I attended another milestone birthday party.  My friend turned 60.  She is wonderful and bright and enthusiastic and talented and intelligent and fearless and I could go on and on.  I am honoured to know her.  There are many women in my life like her and I am grateful for that.  I know she enjoyed today’s festivities and I was able to connect with people I didn’t know that she knew.  It was a great party dedicated to celebrating a birthday with friends and yet themeless.

 am reading a book called Dropped Threads that Marjorie loaned me.  It is edited by Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson .. no coincidence that the two women who are supporting me and my work right now are a Marjorie and a Carol …  I love this book.  The sub title is  “What we aren’t told” and is a collection of lessons – untold lessons – where the authors, some of whom I have had the good fortune to meet, reveal the secrets of aging as a women that they felt no one had shared with them.  “Nothing prepared me for this” is the theme and yet it is themeless.

I am doing a little volunteer work for my Federal Liberal Candidate, Jennifer Pollock.  She is a good candidate and I enjoy the supportive role that she is allowing me to play.  She is putting together a luncheon on Tuesday for all female candidates in the City of Calgary at a nice restuarant.  Janine Kreiber will be there.  She is a fantastic person and it was her idea to invite a non-partisan or cross partisan group of women to join for lunch to show the public how things might be different if more women were elected.  A great idea … a themeless lunch, an invitation to open dialogue and see what is possible.

Three ideas emerged in this entry, seemingly themeless until the theme emerges.  Women, celebrating their connection to each other.  The strength and power of the sisterhood, changing the world, one converstion at a time.