It is weird how computers seem to change their minds about how or what they will do for you on a given day.  They can be like people that way and like people you need to spend time with them… be patient and try to figure out exactly what position you need to take in order for things to go the way you had hoped or expected.  It is part of redefining the BEACH.  I Belief, Expect, Assume that my computer will accept the commands I have always used to perform certain tasks.  I am concerned when it doesn’t and hope, upon hopes that if I change slightly my approach … it will return to the original expectations.

Friends and colleagues can also be like that.  Something changes while you are not watching and the old behaviours that used to create connections, now have a distancing effect.  Things that make you go HMMMMM.

I have been sooo lucky in this life to have GREAT friends who have stuck by me, who have never changed their default settings, who are predictable, reliable and always there when you need them or just want to spend time with them.  Thanks to those friends who continue to follow the blog and notice when I have something interesting to say.  I am so appreciative.  Your support means alot.

I have decided to travel less and write more in 2009.  That will likely help me keep my commitment to continue with the blog as a daily ritual that will help me sort my thoughts as I endeavour to capture them in some sort of order that will make sense to the world.  Your input and your encouragement will come in handy.  Keep in touch. That is the key to communication and to conversation and relationship.  Notice how when you keep in touch, keeping in touch is easier, no surprises, no unexpected responses.  Even a little time away makes the next encounter less certain.

It is interesting how friends and computers respond to communications and patterns of communication in conversations.  Let’s keep in touch for years and years to come.