August 5th was the last entry here.  Hard to believe that a month has past since I last sat down to consider things from this electronic format.  Since then I have been in Hawaii and Washington DC and St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.  I have many adventures and misadventures, sailed on Chesapeake Bay, and sat on the beach in two beautiful places thousands of miles apart.  the idea of PULSE BEACHes was never far from my mind.

Since August 5th, the US has had their political conventions gearing up to and this morning the writ was dropped here in Canada for an October 14th election.  Most of you know my political stance.  I was most impressed this morning by the Green Party and their leaders plea with people to vote, to give up apathy and learn the issues and be aware of what their choices at the polls will mean for the future of the country and the planet.

It is true.  People need to take politics seriously in this day and age, to get involved enough to understand the ramifications of choosing more of the same and the opportunity that these elections give us to change the world if we choose to.  Beyond the rhetoric and the mud slinging there is a real choice to make.

Choices are the gift of PULSE.  We ask people to consider their options and choose the ones that create a better future for them.  At no point do we involve ourselves in that decision.  We are impartial with respect of the outcome because we believe that people know what has to happen and when all of the information is on the table, the future becomes obvious.  So it will be with these elections.  The people will decide.  PULSE practitioners and professionals will hold voters capable of making a decision that will work for them and the future of our countries and our planet.

Our role in mediation and in election readiness is to make sure that people are informed, that they know the  process or Prepare for the Conversation; that they understand what is at stake or Uncover the Circumstance; that they understand why it is important to them locally and globally or Learn the Significance; that they consider options or Search Possibilities; and the VOTE or Explain in writing their plan of action, their commitment to the future.

It is good to be back in Canada and in Calgary.  I look forward to blogging more regularly and to being settled and centred for a while.  The good people of the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands and the District of Colombia are perhaps better prepared to deal with their own working realities after their PULSE practitioner training and I am holding them capable to do what needs to be done to change their corner of the world, one conversation at a time, to step back and value the choices of others while teaching them how to hold themselves and others to account for a more positive and appreciative future.