Have you ever re read your old journals?  It is an interesting experience that I allow myself from time to time.  Mostly what I learn is that I haven’t really learned much.  I seem to still be complaining about the same things even if things around me have changed.  It seems that internal longing that everyone has remains.  What is it that we want out of life?  The answer to the questions of Life, the Universe and Everything, is 42 according to Douglass Adams.  I am beginning to think there may be nine answers so I divided 42 by 9 and got 3.6 repeating.  Hmmmm.

We repeat our patterns until we learn to integrate the lessons and multiply the 3.6 * 9 to get back to 42 …    if you can!  I know it sounds complicated but really it is fun to reduce life to mathematical equations that can’t really be solved.  Two plus two equals something but the answer depends.  So too it seems to be with life.  Just when we think we have figured things out they get complicated and the lesson that we were applying to a situation doesn’t have the desired effect.  That can be confusing.  The trick is to get curious about what you might be missing.

It seems to come back to the Enneagram for me.  I was reading this morning and came across a passage about illusions.  There were 10.  I was able to easily identify and reframe Nine of them as Enneagram criteria.  The first one was more universal, talking about the illusion of “NEED”.  For me a need is something that each of the Enneatypes would define differently.  The other nine illusions seemed more specific to the types.  I will write about each of them over the next few days.

For the body types, 8,9 and 1, I identified the illusions of Condemnation, Disunity and Judgement.  Judgement caught my attention.  “Judgement is not the same as observation.” Observation is just noticing.  Judgement is attributing meaning.  I need to think more about that.  I think Enna Ones have a tendency to judge and I know that I do when I go to Ennea One.  I would like to think more in terms of just noticing or observing and less about judging.  Is that me judging myself???  It is complicated.

The illusion for eight is Condemnation which I would reframe as “deserving” and nine is disunity which is easily reframed to “Unity”.  More about those tomorrow.  Meanwhile Neale Donald Walsch’s ” Communion with God” is the reference for these thoughts.  I recommend his earlier “Conversations with God” Series.

It is Sunday after all ……