Your pulse is an indication of the rhythm of your heart. My observation here in Italy is that the PULSE or the indication of communication and human connection is in the face. There is so much information in a look, in the placement of an eyebrow and in the subtle changes in the muscles of the face.  I often sit behind the muscles of my own face and wonder what message am I portraying. 

Facial muscles move in seemingly involuntary ways and yet we do have control of them when we choose to.  Actors for example can tell stories with their faces, and sometimes unknowingly we can and do too.  I like to observe faces and to hunch the thoughts and emotions behind them.  That is trickier in a foreign country.  

Outside my window right now here at the medieval castle is a group of German tourist and I can hear their excitement with what they are seeing.  They are undoubtedly waiting to view the wine cellars and taste the wonderful wine from our Rocca di Castagnoli.  You can hear the pleasure in the tone and the pace and the level of their voices so even with out the faces to read I experience the PULSE of these people.

Yesterday we visited San Gimignano.  It is another medieval town with a fortress and a church on the top of a hill.  the view of the village from below with its 14 towers is magnificent … breath taking.  From the top turret the countryside is magnificent … breath taking.  It is hard to describe in words that truly relate the experience but if you could see my face you would know how impressive and awe inspiring it is to see an historic town like that come alive with modern coffee shops and bars and boutiques selling leathers and spices and food from the region.

Did you know that the story of Pinnochio is set in this region?  Their are puppets everywhere celebrating that history.  The local wines, the Chianti Classico, are also celebrated and they were an important part of last night’s birthday celebrations.  Mama and her son cooked for us at the restaurant at the entrance to the Rocca.  Our group of eight Canadians were joined by our Belgium hotel manager, a lone American Doctor who was convinced to join us and a lovely young couple from Hamburg who are also staying at the Rocca.  A table of four British tourists joined us briefly. Add Mama, her husband and son, the waiter, and her other son, the cook, and we had a raucus rendition of happy birthday and lots of mouths for the delicious cake which had a lemoncela filing. 

It was great fun.  We all walked back to the Rocca wondering when the next sixtieth birthday would be and where it might take us.  Ciao for now.