I was in Vancouver and Seattle this weekend.  It was a great trip.  I had never been to Seattle and was pleasantly surprised by the city and all it has to offer.  On the way back after we passed the border I notices signs on the Canadian side that I had not noticed before.  They caught my eye because they were the shape of a delta triangle and they had lines across them that divided the triangle into 5 horizontal sections.  Except for the colours which were black and yellow it could have been a PULSE Frame image.  Below the symbol was a sign that read “Emergency Response Route”. How appropriate considering that the road sign shows the way to safety and so does the PULSE Frame.  I was surprised by the similar shape and design and even more intrigued by the similar purpose.

The PULSE Frame is a very effective path or route for rescuing relationships and leading parties to a mutually beneficial plan of action.  As parties move through the Frame from Prepare to Uncover, to Learn and Search and Explain, they are guided towards a future that is positive and appreciative, more promising than the future they envisioned before they began down the PULSE path.  Just as those who follow the Emergency Response Route in case of disaster will find safety so too will PULSE parties find physical, emotional and psychological safety for Body, Heart and Head.