The University of the Virgin Islands’ Institute for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (UVI-ILOE) is pleased to announce the its new program, UVI-PULSE, which will launch using blended course delivery in July 2015.    UVI-ILOE acquired the Canadian based PULSE Institute, a globally acclaimed organization with customized mediation and coaching solutions which will have People Using Language Skills Effectively (PULSE).

UVI-PULSE will offer course content to individuals and organizations local to the US Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean and around the world through a continuous curriculum including the Certified PULSE Professional program.  Whether participants are looking for a short, informational webinar or a more in-depth coaching experience, UVI-PULSE will offer a complete catalog of original and customizable content.

Mediation Certification Training Available Through UVI-PULSE Initiative Beginning Fall 2015

Webinar #1 July 8th – PULSE in Review  Live at 10:00am EST.

For more information, contact Nancy Love at uvipulse@myuvi.net or nancylove@pulseinstitute.com

Watch for the PULSE page on the UVI website starting July 1, 2015