So play is somehow new again. Canada’s government is advertising to promote the return of Play. We are encouraged to take our children outside and bring back play. Daniel Pink is also encouraging us to play in our work, to use our imaginations in a way that will free us from conventional ways of thinking. It is another of the competencies he has identified for the whole new mind.

Imagination, the kind that is truly free form, unbounded physical, emotional and intellectual freedom is fun. Letting go is liberating and can inform who we are and how we think, feel and do things. I encourage you to imagine, to play with ideas and then to act on those thoughts in ways you may have limited before. It is another way to connect the two sides of your brain.

In PULSE you find Imagination in the miracle question. “If a miracle happened …” we ask “how would you know?” I love that question and where it takes people. It takes them beyond what they know and are experiencing and feeling now to what they MIGHT know, experience and feel if they allowed themselves.

Today, allow yourself to be, do or feel something new.