Design is the D in DESTINY which is my pneumonic for remembering Daniel Pink’s strategies for developing a “Whole New Mind.” Design is about learning how to pay attention. Pink invites us to look at our favourite kitchen utensil and design a better one. Just noticing how things have both form and function and how one compliments the other is a step toward understanding the importance of design. How many design have you experienced of the concept related to chair? There is no chairness in the word and lately in our world the things we sit on do not always come with four legs, 2 arms and a back.

Design requires both sides of your brain to work together. To work, what ever you are designing needs the left side of your brain to evaluate the functionality of the thing. To look good and have aesthetic appeal what ever you are designing needs your creative right brain to see and understand the form.

Just thinking about design lets you look at the world differently. In our world there is more emphasis on the integration of form and function and so we have beautiful cars, homes and even coffee makers. Everything we buy has a style that suits us. We choose from endless varieties of everything. Where once, when you needed a toaster you had little or no choice at your department store, we now have isles lined with choice or toaster to fit the form and function that you are looking for. We have signature styles and preferences that define us and are defined by us.

Think about what you like and why. Why this pair of shoes and not that one. Why this washing machine and not that one. What are the consistent themes in your life? What are your colours and shapes… the ones that recur in your life? For instance I rarely choose flowers as a pattern. I prefer clean lines and geometric shapes. That goes for the clothes that I wear and the home furnishings I select.

Play with design. Notice it in the department store, on the avenue and while visiting show homes. Notice shapes and colours and contours and space Use the right side of your brain to appreciate the form and the left side of the brain to evaluate the function.