Good morning from a very wet and dreary Vancouver.  Even in the rain it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am always happy to be here, to be near the ocean.

I have been thinking about the fragmentation prime again and the whole idea of keeping will and focus together.  Chris McGoff talks about team fragmentation but I am thinking more about how it applies to our personal lives and the decisions we make there.  I believe it takes a measured combination of strong glue and flexibility to make keep will and focus aligned everyday.  Our determination seems to come in waves and then fade like the waning moon.  It seems cyclical somehow and so we need to be elastic, holding on tight to our will until the wave returns and we regain our focus.

I also believe that coaching conversations with others REALLY help when it comes to the waning and waxing of focus and will.  I am lucky enough to be the person who listens as the cycles change for others and I am also lucky enough to have someone who does that for me.  If you don’t have someone who allows your thoughts to be more public so that you are forced to turn them into words, then it may be more difficult to take the next step which is turning words into deeds.  A trusted friend or a coach who can take you through the PULSE conversation and can listen to your commitments to yourself is insurance against the catastrophe that could befall you as a result of personal fragmentation.