There are multiple styles, types and approaches to leadership. McGoff says that great leaders master many. I like that idea. I say that each of the BEACHs is an approach to leadership that is appropriate in a given circumstance. And I believe that the best kind of decision making uses all of the perspectives represented in the BEACH circle. ( perfection, connection, success, differentiation, detachment, security, excitement, power and peace).

McGoff has a spectrum from command and control to consensus. He puts three kinds of situations on a continuum. Closer to Command and control he puts Reacting. In the middle he puts Planning and towards consensus he puts Visioning.

Leadership is situational and the better prepared you are with tools for the variety of situations you will face as a leader the more successful you can be. Mary Parker Follett talked about it in the 1920s and 30s. It is an idea that has passed the test of time.

How do you make decisions and provide leadership for your team? What strengths do you bring and what strengths do your team members bring to the decision making table? Are all of the BEACHs covered when important decisions are being made? What I know for sure is that decision that do consider the circle perspectives are sustainable… and that is important.