Today I had a nice chat with a school administrator interested in what we do at PULSE.  I decided to reprint the email I sent to him because it provides  information that others may like to have.  Comments welcomed…..
“It was nice to chat with you today.  I just wanted to follow-up with a few items as promised.  The dates of the 2 day workshop that is an open enrolment opportunity is April 12 and 13 at the Petroleum Club in Calgary.  That particular workshop is focused on collaborative teams and the attitudes, skills and knowledge that you will receive from the presentation seem to me to be a good fit for the situation you find yourself in.  There may be a mix of industry and government people in attendance.  As discussed we will charge you our government rate.
Alternatively we could offer a separate, education focused seminar to you and three or more other colleagues at your campus.  You would have greater input into the content of this type of seminar as we would be free to customize the program.  As I mentioned on the phone I taught G&T and have grand-son at Janis Academy who is Autistic spectrum.  With my experience as a teacher, vice principal and principal before I became a mediator, in the court system and with government agencies and now as a trainer and author on conflict resolution along with your knowledge of the situation on the ground,  you and I should be able to find the right combination of questions and answers and opportunities for experiential learning to meet the needs of all of those involved.
Our training always involves using the tools to teach the tools so everyone comes away with applicable and timely tools to put to immediate use.  they come away with an understanding of what to do, how to do and why to do it.  They come away with a protocol, and a process for effective and meaningful conversation … no matter the purpose or the participants.  Students, parents, staff will all respond differently when you put these simple principles to work. AND we include 30 minutes of follow on coaching after the program.
I also want to mention the webinar series that begins in February as an alternative or a supplement to the two-day face to face seminar in April.
February and March we are also offering Mediation Certification with the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.  The first 4 sessions are webinars that provide the basic Concepts that support mediation and why it works.  Than the Concepts course is followed by three days of Practice, where you would practice the skills of a mediator with the guidance of qualified mediator coaches.  As I mentioned, these courses lead to certification with the ADRIC.
The Sociology in the Workplace seminars I spoke about are being given to sociology classes at Mount Royal University Monday and Tuesday of next week.  The same presentation has been given to the Calgary Change Management Think Tank where it was entitled … “What gets you up in the morning?”  I think this could provide your staff with a nice introduction to another way to consider or filter the behaviours they see in the building.  I would offer you that one hour presentation for free for your staff.  We only need to find a time that works.  As I mentioned it provides a sociological construct based on a three by three matrix of people and how they relate to others and the world.  People are moving with you, away from you or towards you.  They are also oriented to the past, the present or the future.  put these 3×3 on a grid and you have the nine sets of Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes, the BEACHs of the human experience in society.
Finally I want to mention our Principals; Faces of Change book.  I will drop a copy by your office Monday or Tuesday.  There is also a five-day seminar that we have developed to accompany the book but it doesn’t sound like a perfect fit for your situation at the moment.  I would appreciate though, if you could read it through and provide feed back as to the value it has for school administrators and ways the you could see us distributing it to other principals.
I am excited by the possibility of working with people who are on the ground in education.  Over the past number of years I have worked with government departments here and in the US but my heart is still in education.  If there is a way that I can help make that path easier for you, your colleagues, the students and parents at your school I would be honoured to be invited to do so.
Thanks again for the call ….

PictureDr. Nancy Love

Calgary, St Albert, Vancouver