This is the new titile for my new book. What do you think?  It says it all.  The book reveals how we can use an understanding of each individuals ‘Culture’ to move through the relationships and create an efficient and effective gathering place where needs are met. 

So much has been written about psychology in the work place but this is a different twist.  It is about perspectives and how they change and how that change can be predictable.  Everyone KNOWS that at some level.  You hear phrases like “Here we go again!!” in workplaces where people have not taken the time to understand what the impact of behaviours can be.  We don’t study behaviour in patterns in the workplace … at least not yet.  I am hoping the book will give people tools for doing just that. 

The value propostion for the book is that it allows you to examine your workplace, family, organization and identify the recurring themes and patterns.  Further to that it gives you information that you can use to adjust the patterns to create effectiveness and efficiency, if that is your desired outcome, or to create innovation and deeper levels of thinking, if that is your desired outcome.  In fact you will be able to identify the existing pattern, the pattern from the past, the desired pattern and ways to get there.

Beliefs, Expectations, Assumptions, Concerns and Hopes.