Writing in DC is great today.  I have accomplished a fair amount and still managed email and kept one ear to the wall to listen as the course goes on next door.  Lynda is doing a great job.  It is weird, I have to say, to hear them talking about the author and know that they are talking about me.

Perspective…. distance makes a difference.  Looking at a situation or a tree from a different angle or perch really broadens perspective.  I like that about the world.  Physical distance can give you emotional and intellectual distance.  Everything is integrated.  I guess that’s why Gurdjeiff was referred to as a cosmologist rather than a physchologist or a mathematician. 

“Cosmologists” study the way the world works.  They see the interrelatedness the wholeness of the thing.  It seems to me that no matter where you begin to study how things work, you end up understanding the way things every where work – the cosmology of it.  Whether you start with a study of conversation or physics, biology or personality you end up at the power of three and the power of seven.  It is interesting – that is cosmology. Hmmmm

I am very aware of that from this distance.  Working in another city, away from home is liberating for me.  I must be a seven.  Any thoughts of true five-ness are fading as I watch myself gravitate toward the positive, the up lifting, the fun side of life.  “High Hopes” is still my theme song although I am very comfortable with the detachment BEACH, I still think “All by myself” is a sad song.  Extroverted Five or Pensive Seven?  They both sound like they describe me.  I must still be on the Ferry between the two.

I like the changing view and the way it changes my persception of things.  From here I look very much like a cosmologist myself!!!!