Canmore has come to mean so many things to me.  Most of all it is a place for me to be with my thoughts.  I love it here.  The mountains are majestic and there is a little bit of snow falling even in April. The highway noise seems incongruous with the quiet snow covered landscape.

I have been listening to enneagram tapes and thinking about how to describe how PULSE conversations and the enneagram coincide.  I believe that the nine aspects or dimensions of the enneagram represent the nine versions of any truth that are brought to the conversation.  Identifying where people are coming from is the first step.  The enneagram also provides a path that is predictable that people may follow during the conversation which is helpful for conversation leaders.

Each of the PULSE BEACHs is based on the enneagram descriptions of the nine points.  I am taking it, not from the perspective of a person’s style and how they integrate themselves through out their life time  but from how the conversation converges on an integration of the nine BEACHs as it progresses.  So I am writing about the BEACHs and how identifying the BEACH provides the freedom to move to the next one.  Once people have felt heard, understood and acknowledged they move and the conversation changes.  Do the people change?  I am not sure.  They move.  Whether they stay on the new BEACH or take the next ferry boat back is  another area of research to be undertaken.  Some times people are transported and enjoy the new perspective so much that they stay on the new BEACH and are transformed.

I am convinced too that each of the BEACHs is represented in a team by the members of a team and that the natural tendency is to complete the circle with all of the aspects or dimensions.  You may begin with a team of people who are all on the success BEACH, for example, but gradually the other BEACHs will emerge to round out the experience and create a balance of the nine perspectives.  It is as if a centrifgal  force pulls the team toward the centre where they can access all of the perspectives. 

Drawn to the centre … hmmmmmm