It all seems so simple when you gain perspective. Life and the geography and weather patterns as seen from a plane are just so much easier to see at a distance. People need that distance from their own situations from time to time. We call it needing space. The gift of space CAN become provide the distance and the change in perspective to find your way out. What is clear from here is that the distance needs to be UP. You can gain distance and not perspective if you stay in the same swamp. Up and away is clearly the answer.


So here I am up and away from the experience at the Enneagram conference and still trying to make sense of it.  How did I miss the spiritual connection and uses of the Enneagram?  It has always been a personality assessment to me. It is a useful tool for helping people reach their potential. So in search of potential is the same as in search of higher selve and therefore GOD. If GOD refers to Good Orderly Decision making, I am in. The mind body spirit stuff is something I have always strived for and I am no stranger to spiritual journeys. So why was I so surprised and dissapppointed in Atlanta? I think it was the ritualistic mature of what I saw as much as anything.


I resist others prescribing how I will connect with GOD. What works for them works for them and I am free of judgment around that. I myself prefer to have others do what is necessary for them to experience enlightenment And allow me to my own devices. I would never presume to expext others to follow my path and I found what I saw to be arrogant in presumptions that they were not only on the RIGHT path but in front of me and everyone else.


I feel strongly that connecting with GOD is a personal thing. Do what it takes for you to be a better you and find your own way. I guess the sixties had an influence on me. I am listening to my Flower Power music while I type this on my blackberry and the message in the music is clearer to me from this distance and perspective, the distance and perspective of age. PEACE and LOVE for everyone.


I think I am still missing the basic connection Enneagram and Spirituality. What is it?????