Wow.. This is a myth buster.  I have had disunity plague me for a week now.  Nothing has been easy or peaceful.  Life has thrown me challenge after challenge. So what is missing?  UNITY  pulling it all together and the higher quality of Self-Remembering.  Remember that intention is at the root.  The speaker this morning talked about that – Quantum Thinking and just putting out the intention creates the energy for things to change.  So what role did my uncertainty about being here play in the experience I had here?  hmmmmm?  I am not sure but it was less than satisfying and I accept that I likely have only myself to blame.

Everyone here seems to know each other, long lost friends who haven’t seen each other since last conference.  That’s okay.  I expected that and the people I have met are lovely and warm and welcoming.  I also expected that speakers and participants would be talking about the nine points of personality represented on the Enneagram.  Surprise!!  I haven’t heard anyone except Ginger talk in terms of Enneatypes.  And it is all about integrating and spirituality.  Yoga, breathing, somatic stuff around the body paths to enlightenment.  The practical side … the application of the Enneagram must have been presented while I was presenting.  I just haven’t seen it.  I bought some videos and some audio stuff so I can hear and see the Enneagram rather than just listen to it and maybe I will find something in there that will enlighten me, says the eternal optimist 7.

Today they described people like me who read books and study Enneagram on their own as weekend warriors, instant experts.  They were describing a certification or accreditation program the Association is working on.  It sounded much like the kind of thing the Mediator Societies are struggling with.  The goal is public awareness and the issue is quality control.  It was an interesting dialogue and I came away from it wondering who would have to stamp me on the head to say YES she knows it. 

The people in my session were either impressed or very polite.  Either way, I enjoyed our conversation together.  I think most of them got it.  They understood the application of the types in conversation and the paths and the BEACHes metaphor.  Some interesting and complimentary comments.  I can however see and feel the energy drain that the astrologer predicted because of today’s eclipse.

I am going to bed early and have actually changed my flight home to tomorrow through Toronto.  I really enjoyed the conference so far and staying I think, no I belief would be a mistake. So I am flying through Toronto … not my favourite point of entry … just to get home sooner.  I would be resentful of the time being here when I could be home.  And I can’t seem to shake the feeling of not quite fitting in.  Time well spent is important to me and so far I am not convinced that I need to be here beyond presenting my thoughts for consideration.

So rather than fight I am switching like a 9 does.  9’s don’t rock boats.  They seek harmony and peace even when it costs them personally.  The illusion of disunity reigns and so they work to unify themselves and relationships around them.  9’s will even tell you what you want to hear rather than risk conflict. (7’s on the other hand might risk the conflict if the situation is NOT exciting enough).   Once 9’s have satisfied their stressed 6 where they are unsure and afraid of everything, they can then move to be the healthy 9 and generate criteria for resolving differences in a meaningful way.  Once satisfied they move to the performer growth point of the 3 where they work hard and accept the recognition due them for their accomplishments.

Anyway, Atlanta isn’t fun for me anymore so as the predictable 7 that you have come to know I am  bailing and going home.  Thanks IEA.  It has been interesting … a real learning experience.  Note to self .. write a blurb suggesting a meeting of new attendees at the next conference in Las Vegas on the evalutaion forms.